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2022 Coach Pitch Rules

  1. Field Dimensions
    1. 60’ bases
    2. 46’ mound

  1. Player Participation  

                   a.   Each team can  field up to 10 players

                                 i. Infield: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, & Shortstop

                                  ii. Outfield:  4 players a minimum of 20 feet behind the base lines

                                   iii. Pitcher: Must stand on or within 3ft of the pitching rubber

                   b.   All players will be in the batting Lineup

                   c.   No player will sit the bench for more than two innings total per game.

                   d.  Minimum allowed players to field a team is 7.

  1. Coaches Participation

                   a.    Only the pitching coach is allowed on the field of play.

                   b.   The Pitching coach will pitch from no closer than 20ft from home plate.

                   c.   Coaches will act as umpires.

                                     i.  The Pitching coach will call plays at home and second base

                                     ii. The base coaches will call plays at their respective bases

                   d.   Coaches shall not interfere with a ball after it has been hit       
                          The pitching coach should make every effort to avoid contact with a hit ball or any game   action.

                                       i.     The ball will be considered live if it accidentally strikes the pitching coach.

                                       ii.   The batter will be called out if a coach intentionally touches a live ball.

  1. General Game Rules

                   a.  Games will be 5 innings or 90 minutes whichever comes first

                   b.  Each batter will receive 6 pitches

                                            i.The at-bat will continue if the 6th or subsequent pitch is fouled off.

                   c.    Three strikes you’re out

                         Swings and misses and foul balls are considered strikes, No called strikes.

                   d.   No walks

                   e. Three outs per half-inning

                   f.   Five Run Travesty rule

                                            i . Teams cannot score more than Five runs per inning unless they are losing, then they may score enough to take a five run lead.

                                            ii. Last inning: the visiting team may score enough runs to take a 15 run lead.

                   g.  Mercy Rule:  15 run lead after a completed inning

                   h. Timeout may be called by the defensive team once the ball is controlled inside the baselines.

                                             i. The Timeout must be called by the player with the ball.

                                            ii. Runners will proceed or return to the closest base once timeout is called.

                     i.   No lead offs

                     j.   No base stealing

                   k.   Runners cannot leave the base until the ball is put in play. 

                     l.    Bunting is legal

                   m.   No infield fly rule

  1. Equipment

                   a.  All offensive players will wear helmets

                   b. Groin protection is encouraged

                   c.  Bats must be marked USA BASEBALL

                   d.  Standard baseballs are used

                   e.  No metal cleats

  1. Rule Modifications

                   a. Any rule can be adjusted as long as coaches from both teams agree and the change does not create unsafe playing conditions.

  1. Unless listed above, all other general baseball rules apply to the game




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