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2022 GIYRA T-Ball Rules


1. Teach basic catching, throwing and batting skills.

2. Teach base running basics

3. Teach the basic rules of baseball/softball.

4. Teach Sportsmanship and teamwork



1. Jerseys and hats will be given to the players to wear at the games. .

2. All batters, base runners and players on deck, MUST wear protective headgear.

3. Players supply their own gloves, baseball pants and soft spikes. Tennis shoes are allowed at this age.




  1. Regulation games will be 3 innings or 1 hour in length whichever comes first

  2. All innings started should be completed in full.

  3. No new innings after 50min.



    1. Three coaches may be used on offense. One to assist the batter and two coaches for coaching the bases.


    2. Each player is placed in number sequence for the batting line-up. Every player bats each inning. If a player cannot bat his/her turn, the batting order continues. Reverse the batting order in the second inning so that the same kid does not bat last.


    3. Outs are unlimited but do count toward the runner. Meaning if a player is tagged or forced out, they shall leave the field of play.  This encourages defense and proper base running.


    4. All balls must be hit off a tee. There will be no coach pitching. Unfortunately this takes away too much time from the game. You can save the coach pitching for practice.


    5. When the ball is hit into the outfield, the batter may run the bases until the ball is returned to the infield dirt. The runner must stop at or return to the nearest base.

    6. Runners may ONLY take one base on balls which stay on the infield.


    7. The following is NOT ALLOWED: lead offs, stealing, pinch-hitting, infield fly rules, tobacco products, protesting, belly aching, or poor sportsmanship. 


    1. Two coaches may be used to assist the defense. They are to be located behind the infield and in front of the outfield.

    2. The defensive team will field up to 14 players.

    3. Each inning players must rotate positions.



    1. You MUST always set a good example of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP for all players and spectators.

    2. Coaches will meet before the beginning each game to go over ground rules and cover any questions. Rules can be flexed as long as both coaches agree upon it and it does not affect gameplay or the integrity of the game. (Use common sense)

    3. Injured player MUST be attended to immediately.

    4. Coaches are responsible for forwarding all practices, games, and events to the players in a timely manner.

5. Remember to keep it simple. Every coach should be more concerned with the players learning how to play the game rather than who wins or loses.



Have Fun

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