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Info and FAQs

QUESTIONS?   Answers to most questions are available On our website.  Please make sure to read ALL information in the pertinent sections of our website prior to submitting inquiries to our email address.   


Information for Divisions, Players Ages, Player Fees, Season Practice Start Dates, Typical Game Dates, Game Start and End Dates, Playoff Dates, and Typical Game Locations is summarized below.

Click here to view the player fees and eligible birth dates info. 

These dates are subject to change due to weather and other factors that may be out of control of GIYRA and/or SEBA. 


Division Name

Typical Practice
Date (1)

Days (3) (typical)

Season Schedule Dates


Game Locations (typical)
 Regular Season Games

GIYRA  Playoffs (4) SEBA   Playoffs 

Week of:

Week of:

 18U (HS) Baseball April 16th T, Th, F 6/12/2019 7/19/2019  N/ATBD See Note 5 
 14U Baseball April 16th M, W 5/27/2019  7/16/2019 N/A 7/22 - 7/28 See Note 5 
 12U Baseball March 25th T, Th 5/20/2019  7/21/2019 7/16 - 7/22  7/22 - 7/28 See Note 5
 10U Baseball March 25th M, W 5/20/2019 7/21/2019 7/16 - 7/22  7/22 - 7/28 See Note 5
 8U Coach Pitch March 25th M, W 5/12/2019  6/18/2019  6/20 - 6/28  N/AGI Pk Lane/ Meridian 

 18U (HS) Fastpitch Softball April 16th M, W 6/11/2019 7/18/2019 N/A7/22 - 7/28  See Note 5 
 14U Fastpitch Softball April 16th T, Th 5/27/2019  7/17/2019N/A 7/22 - 7/28  See Note 5 
 12U Fastpitch Softball March 25th M, W 5/20/2019 7/16/2019  7/16 - 7/22 7/22 - 7/28 See Note 5 
 10U Fastpitch Softball March 25th T, Th 5/20/2019  7/12/2019 7/16 - 7/227/22 - 7/28   See Note 5
 8U Coach Pitch March 25th M, W 5/12/2019  7/11/2019 7/16 - 7/227/22 - 7/28   See Note 5
T-Ball Co-ed (Boys & Girls) Mid-May (2) T, Th 5/12/2019 6/19/2019N/AN/A GI Park Lane
(1) Practice days, frequency, and Start Date are at the discretion of the Coach
(2) T-Ball Practice is typically held on each of the game days.  The format is a brief practice followed by a game. 
(3) Schedules, or makeup games, may require games on M, T, W, and Th, and in more rare situations Fri, Sat, and Sun  (4)  as allowed based on the number of teams for a Division, and as determined by the Directors of Baseball and Softball
(5) Games are typically held on fields of teams participating in the SEBA League (typically Downriver cities including but not limited to Grosse Ile, S Rockwood, Rockwood, Woodhaven, Trenton, Riverview, Wyandotte, and Allen Park). 


1)  In which age group will my child play?

A child’s birth date determines the age group in which they will play.   The cutoff dates and eligible ages for the various age groups are summarized in the ‘PLAYERS FEES AND ELIGIBLE AGES section in the REGISTRATION Section.

For our younger children, multiple programs may be available depending on the child’s age, skills, and comfort level.   For example, children may be eligible for both T- Ball or one of our 8U Baseball or 8U Softball programs.   Please reference the Division Name and Player Eligible Birth Date Range in the table above the FAQ section to determine which program(s) are available for your child. 

2) What is the cost?

Players fees vary by Division and Age Group.  Please reference ‘PLAYERS FEES AND ELIGIBLE AGES section in the REGISTRATION Section for a summary of Players Fees.

3)   What days of the week will my child play?
      When do practices begin?
      When does the season start and end?
      Where and when will my child play?
Answers to these questions can be found in the ‘SEASON SCHEDULE INFORMATION’ section in the INFORMATION Section.

What are the times games are held?

Baseball 8U – HS and Softball 8U – HS  - most games start at 6:30 PM.   Scheduling may require that games start earlier and/or later.   

T-Ball games typically start at either 5:30 PM or 6:45 PM.

5)   Can my child play up an age division?

GIYRA Baseball and Softball Association encourages players to participate in the age group established by their birth dates (see FAQ No. 1). Exceptions to allow players to 'play up' in higher age divisions can be made providing that the following criteria are met:

1)  The safety of the player and the team is not at risk.
2)  The player’s athletic abilities support playing at a higher division.
3)  The number of players on the teams within a specific division affected by player movement can accommodate player movement.

Parents or guardians of a child seeking to play up in a higher age division must complete the following steps:

1)  Submit a request in writing to the respective Director of Baseball or Director of Softball at [email protected].

2)  Secure a letter of recommendation from a GIYRA Coach attesting that the player’s ability supports play at the higher division.  Letters of recommendation will be accepted from a) a player’s prior year GIYRA coach and/or, b) a current year GIYRA coach who has evaluated the player at a pre-season clinic for Baseball and Softball.

The GIYRA Baseball and Softball Board will review the request and recommendation at a future Board meeting.  Parents or guardians will be notified within one week of the Board’s decision.  The timeline for decisions on player movement will vary by Division and Age Group. 

GIYRA does not support 'playing down' in select age groups.  GIYRA participates in the South Eastern Baseball Association (SEBA) for many age groups.   SEBA does not allow players to 'play down' under any circumstances.

6)   What equipment does my child need to come prepared for practices and games?

Each child is expected to come to practices and games with the following equipment:

1)    Baseball glove

2)    Batting helmet

3)    Athletic protective cup – mandatory for all male players in 8U and above, & also highly recommended for younger players.

4)    Sliding pants are recommended
        5)    Fielding masks are recommended

Players without the appropriate equipment may not be able to participate in practices or games, either in part or in full.

7)   What equipment does GIYRA Baseball and Softball provide?

GIYRA Baseball and Softball will provide the following equipment:

1)    Safe, concussion safety certified, and qualified volunteer coaches

2)    Uniforms:
                a.  Baseball 8U to HS:  Jerseys, pants, hats, and socks.
                b.  softball 8U to HS:  Jerseys, pants, hats, and socks.
                c.  T-Ball:  Shirts and hats.

3)    Baseball/softball bats

8)   When will we be contacted by our new coach for the new season?

T-Ball – Co-ed for Boys and Girls

T-Ball teams will be formed by mid-April.   Players will be contacted by April 30th.

If you have not been contacted by the contact dates outlined herein, please send notice to the Director of Baseball at b[email protected].

Baseball and Softball – 8U to 12U

Coaches will contact their players after the Draft and Coaches meeting.

Draft and Coaches Meeting March 23rd, 2018 (tentative)

Coaches will contact their players on or prior to March 31, 2018.

If you have not been contacted by April 1st, please send notice to the respective Director of Baseball or Director of Softball at [email protected].

Baseball and Softball –  14U

Teams will be finalized no later than April 21st.    Coaches will contact their players on or prior to April 30th.

If you have not been contacted by May 1st, please send notice to the respective Director of Baseball or Director of Softball at [email protected].

Baseball and Softball –  HS (18U)

Teams will be finalized in late April / early May.  Coaches will contact their players once the teams are formed.

If you have not been contacted by May 16th, please send notice to the respective Director of Baseball or Director of Softball at [email protected].

9)   My child is under 7 years of age.  Can my child play in the 8U Baseball or Softball division?

The default guideline for children under age 7 is that they play T-Ball.  Players that meet certain age requirements*, however, are eligible to play either T-Ball, 8U Coach Pitch Baseball, or 8U Coach Pitch Softball.   Players opting to not play T-Ball should specify their choice to play either Coach Pitch Baseball or Coach Pitch Softball during the online registration process.

* Reference the ‘Eligible Division by Birth Date’ information under the ‘Players, Season Schedule, and Fees Information’ chart displayed under the INFORMATION at the top of this page.

10)   Can girls play 8U Coach Pitch Baseball?

The default guideline for 7 or 8-year-old female players is to move to 8U Coach Pitch Softball after T-Ball.   However, a player's parent/guardian can choose to move his/her child to 8U Coach Pitch Baseball instead.  Requests to play Coach Pitch Baseball should be submitted in writing to the respective Director of Baseball at [email protected].

11)   Will 8U Baseball be Coach Pitch or Machine Pitch?

Coach Pitch.

12)   What happens when there are not enough Coaches to coach teams for a given number of players?

Players will be assigned to a waitlist until the required number of Coaches are identified.