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2019 GIYRA Baseball and Softball

Procedures for Cancelling and Rescheduling Games,
and Confirming Weekly Field Schedules


The following is an outline of the procedures for canceling and rescheduling games, and for confirming weekly field schedules.

Please review and adhere to these procedures. Our aim is to align fields and umpires with our game schedules only as needed. Field preparation requires resources, and umpires cost money. Communication is key to our success.

Thank you for your support.

Name Title Email
John Weise Director of Baseball [email protected]
Kristin Flynn Director of Softball [email protected]
Melissa Boehling President [email protected]

Email Communications List
For all game cancellations, rescheduling of any games, and reporting of any field schedule issues, please address all communications to the following functions within the GIYRA Baseball/Softball Organization: Director of Baseball if regarding Baseball or Director of Softball if regarding Softball, and also include [email protected]

Game Cancellations
Head Coaches of the home team are responsible for communicating all game cancellations. Please send an email with ample notice communicating any game cancellations to the appropriate parties on the Email Communication List provided.

Weather cancellations - Cancellations due to weather typically occur on the day of the game. Our Inclement Weather Procedure states that both teams are to report to the field unless directed otherwise by GIYRA or other governing bodies.

Head Coaches of the home team are responsible for communicating all game cancellations to the Head Coach of the visiting team.

In all cases, GIYRA will communicate game cancellations to the appropriate parties responsible for the preparation of fields and scheduling of the umpires.

Rescheduling Games
Rescheduling of games is the responsibility of the Head Coach of the home team. To secure a field and accompanying resources for a requested rescheduled game, the Head Coach shall visit the 2019 GIYRA Field Schedule Master on Google docs, identify a field and time for the rescheduled game and send a request for a new field assignment to the appropriate parties on the Email Communication List provided.

The Head Coach requesting the new field assignment shall provide ample notice to allow the Director of Fields Scheduling, and the Director of Umpires Scheduling to secure the necessary resources for the rescheduled game. A minimum lead time of one week is required unless special approval by the Director of Fields Scheduling has been granted.

Click Here to View the 2019 GIYRA Field Master Schedule

The Director of Softball and Baseball will communicate with the Umpires contact and Fields Maintenance crew to ensure that resources are available for the new field and game assignment, update the Field Schedule, and send confirmation of the rescheduled game to the requesting Head Coach and to appropriate parties on the Email Communication List provided.

Once the rescheduled field assignment is confirmed, the Head Coach is to communicate confirmation of the rescheduled date, field, and time to the Head Coach of the visiting team.

Confirmation of Field Schedules
In the time frames agreed to with each of the appropriate parties responsible for preparation of fields and scheduling of the umpires, GIYRA Softball and Baseball program will communicate the Field Schedule for all games for the upcoming week.

Head Coaches are strongly encouraged to review the 2019 GIYRA Field Schedule Master prior to the start of each week to confirm that fields are scheduled for their respective home games. Any discrepancies with field assignments should be reported immediately to appropriate parties on the Email Communication List

Click Here to View the 2019 GIYRA Field Master Schedule